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Defending champions St Annes host Spar Regional tournament for Pietermaritzburg North

By Bronwyn Naidoo , in hockey Hockey | News Schools , at 19 April 2023

Temperatures rise as we breach the halfway mark at the Spar KwaZulu-Natal Hockey Tournament this weekend.

Ready to defend their title, St Anne’s College players Brooke Veenstra and Andiswa Gwala can’t wait to welcome teams to the upcoming Pietermaritzburg North Regional that they will host on Saturday 22 April. 

The Spar tournament was launched for the first time in 2011 which makes this year the 13th year running an amazing tournament and bringing girls hockey teams from all over together. 

This previous weekend 15 April 2023 we had teams from all around Durban participating in the Durban South Regional of the hockey challenge.

A great tournament of hockey where the finals concluded with Kuswag High School facing Kingsway High School , after a nail biting final that lead to penalty shootouts, Kuswag High School took the title and were crowned as the Durban South Regional Champions.

This weekend the excitement continues with first team girls playing it out around Hilton for the Pietermaritzburg North regional on Saturday as St Annes High School host the fifth regional of the Spar KZN Schoolgirls’ Hockey Challenge on their astro fields.

First team girls around Margate, Kokstad and Matat also going head to head in the sixth tournament for the Spar KZN Schoolgirls’ Hockey Challenge competing for the Sisonke and uGu regional on Sunday 23 April 2023 hosted by Creston High School.

We wish all these teams the best for this weekend as they play representing their school and region and look forward to seeing which teams hoist the Regional Cup next and who will be making it through to the Grand Finals this year alongside Danville Park Girls’ High School (DBN North Regional), St Mary’s DSG (Highway Regional), Kuswag Hoërskool (Durban South Regional) and Durban Girls’ College (Durban Central Regional) that will be taking place at St Mary’s DSG on the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd of July 2023.

Participating teams:

St Annes College
Grace College
The Wykeham Collegiate
Howick High
Treverton College
Voortrekker (Pietermaritzburg)


Saturday, 22 April 2023:

08:00 – Grace College vs St Annes
08:30 – Voortrekker vs The Wykeham Collegiate
08:30 – Grace College vs Howick
09:00 – The Wykeham Collegiate vs St Anne’s
09:00 – Voortrekker vs Treverton College
09:30 – Treverton College vs Grace College
09:30 – Voortrekker vs St Annes
10:00 – The Wykeham Collegiate vs Howick
10:30 – Grace College vs Voortrekker
10:30 – The Wykeham Collegiate vs Treverton College
11:00 – St Anne’s vs Howick
11:00 – Grace College vs The Wykeham Collegiate
11:30 – Howick vs Voortrekker
11:30 – St Anne’s vs Treverton College

Participating teams:

POOL A: Creston College, St Patricks, Scottsburgh, King Edward, Kokstad.

POOL B: South City, Port Shepstone, Ixopo, Suid-Natal, Bergview.


Sunday, 23 April 2023:

08:00 – Creston vs King Edward
08:15 – South City vs Port Shepstone
08:30 – Scottburgh vs Kokstad
08:45 – Ixopo vs Bergview
09:00 – St Patricks vs Creston
09:15 – Suid Natal vs South City
09:35 – Scottburgh vs King Edward
09:50 – Port Shepstone vs Ixopo
10:05 – St Patricks vs Kokstad
10:20 – Creston vs Scottburg
10:35 – South City vs Ixopo
10:50 – Port Shepstone vs Bergview
11:10 – St Patricks vs King Edward
11:25 – Suid Natal vs Bergview
11:40 – Kokstad vs Creston
11:55 – Ixopo vs Suid Natal
12:10 – St Patricks vs Scottburg
12:25 – South City vs Bergview
12:40 – King Edward vs Kokstad
12:55 – Port Shepstone vs Suid Natal
13:25 – 5th Place Pool A vs 5th Place Pool B
13:50 – 4th Place Pool A vs 4th Place Pool B
14:05 – 3rd Place Pool A vs 3rd Place Pool B
14:25 – 2nd Place Pool A vs 2nd Place Pool B
14:45 – 1st Place Pool A vs 1st Place Pool B


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